Swedish photo app acquires print company with 2 million customers

Kiliaro, the Swedish photo app, has acquired 100% of the shares of Sosyopix, the largest player in online photo printing in Turkey.

Sosyopix has been consistently increasing its annual turnover and now has approximately SEK 30 million in revenue with a customer base of around 2 million unique customers.

This acquisition has given Kiliaro a strong local partner in Turkey, which will simplify the company's market entry into the country. Additionally, joint marketing campaigns will be coordinated, and various costs will be made more efficient.

With Sosyopix now included in its portfolio, Kiliaro has expanded its product range to include online print services, which is a step towards the company's vision of becoming the go-to service for all of its customers' photo needs.

This acquisition is a milestone in Kiliaro's acquisition strategy, which aims to become a super app where users can manage all of their photo-related needs, from storage and organization to editing and sharing. More acquisitions of photo-related companies that can be integrated into Kiliaro are planned under 2023.